Ego Easy
Flanged and threaded circulators
Electronic threaded and flanged circulators suitable for small combined plants
ErP ready

Ego easy is the series of electronic circulators having a permanent magnet motor, suitable for combined heating and conditioning plants.
Ego easy circulators are available with threaded or flanged connection.

Ego easy circulators differ from fixed-speed pumps due to their capability for continuous
adjustment based on the actual demands of the system thank to the integrated inverter.
Advantages are: reduced noise level in the system considerable energetic savings longer realiability This product complies with the European Directive ErP2009/125/CE on new energy efficiency standards.

• Small combined plants
• Heating and conditioning systems


• User friendly display
• Integrated frequency converter
• Permanent magnet rotor
• Possibility of four regulation modes (automatic, constant speed, variable Δp, constant Δp)
• Night-time mode
• Possibility of adding module C**, to have additional functions as remote control, ModBus control or output relay

• Maximum operating pressure: 10 bar
• Maximum ambient temperature: 40°C
• Maximum liquid viscosity: 10 mm2/s (10cst)
• Insulation Class: H
• Protection rating: IP44
• Supply voltage 1~230V - 50 Hz
Max glicol percentage: 20%

* Refer to the technical information sheet of each single family/model
**Module C is included as standard in twin head versione, while is available as accessory on request for single head