• Today the future - EBARA Pumps Europe
  • The technological approach
    Each and every EBARA product is designed and built to achieve the highest level of reliability, guaranteed by rigorous, quality control programs and testing throughout the entire production cycle. EBARA centrifugal electric pumps are protected by and carry international patents. The stainless steel electric pumps are developed by using fully robotic processes that optimize handling of materials, enabling quick changes to production lines, and ensuring high levels of line quality control and standardization. These processes combined with construction techniques acquired from our Japanese parent company, EBARA stainless steel electric pumps stand out all globally for our unmistakeable hydraulic design.
    Research and Development Experience
    The real innovation of our pump products stems from the combined focus of research, engineering design and development from both EBARA Corporation and EBARA Pumps Europe S.p.A. Our Applied Research and Engineering Centre combines experience and innovation to study the product concept, follow a specific criteria through the design stage and successfully achieve the final product development. EBARA is committed to developing sophisticated systems and products able to meet the demands and future needs of its customers and expressed by the world market.
    Innovation and quality
    Our greatest commitment is for absolute quality. We continuously combine our experience with research for true innovation in our two production plants in Veneto (Brendola) and Trentino (Cles). Our production processes are carefully structured to optimize the quality and reliability of our products. The Cles production line is fully robotic and automated and has been designed to maximize the use of the raw materials. Products are manufactured to the highest efficiency and levels of standardization, minimizing the energy consumption. Our experience accrued over so many years of operation and with the ISO 9001 certification standards and our flexible production process, supported by advanced information systems (CAD, CAM, SAP) are synonymous of quality: of the product, of the service and of our brand.
    Lean production
    The kaizen and kaikaku spirit (meaning continuous and radical improvement) is the strength behind the EBARA philosophy. The company has successfully applied the very best lean production practices to its organization, looking to optimize production processes and at the same time eliminate waste. The Japanese term "Hoshin Kanri" defined as "reasoned control of direction" is an approach adapted by EBARA: the synthesis of policy and orientation that integrates the planning, management and prioritization of improvement activities. With continual communication of the policy and vision process, promotes an increase in the level of staff motivation and cohesiveness throughout. Additionally, quick and effective changes can be implemented and measured with respect to direction corrections. Without this tool and without this vision, EBARA would not be the successful and regarded company it is today.