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Vacation home located in the Salento coast
Puglia Region - Italy
Vacation home located in the Salento coast
The owner of this vacation home located in the Salento coast , draws the water from a 30m3 tank and raises to a second tank on the roof of 8m3 that sends water to the apartment by gravity. The lifting of the water from the big tank to the tank on the roof has been carried out for many years by a system  with a 1HP cast iron pump connected to a 8 Liters tank, but the customer has always complained about the fact that this system was noisy and not perfectly efficient
The plumber had no doubt in selecting an EBARA pump type JEX 150 that not only increased the efficiency of the system, even allowing the elimination of the tank on the roof, but has greatly improved the acoustic comfort thanks to technopolymer hydraulic.